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1a. What is Conquer Online?
1b. Who is developing/publishing Conquer?
1c. Is there monthly fee to play the game?
1d. How can I get the client?
You can download the client and the patches from the official website. You only need to download the client, as it should automatically patch itself when you start the game. Only download the patches when the autopatch fails.

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Download the Patches

Conquer Point Purchase
2a. What are Dragon Balls?
2b. What are Conquer Points?
2c. How much do Dragon Balls cost?
2d. How can I purchase Dragon Balls?
2e. I paid! So how do I get my Dragon Balls and Conquer Points in the game?

3a. What classes can you play in Conquer Online?
3b. Are there male and female versions of all of the classes?
3c. What classes have the power to bring someone back from the dead?
3d. Do different classes see differently?
3e. Which classes can heal?
3f. Can Taoists learn spells at level 1 or must they wait until high level?
3g. Are Archers the only class that can fly?
3h. Are Trojans and Warriors melee-oriented classes?
Yes. Trojans and Warriors are tough as nails and masters of weaponry and tactics. Their special abilities are naturally combat-oriented.

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4a. What is the level limit?
4b. Will there be multiple characters per account?
4c. Will I be able to customize the look of my character?
4d. Can I customize my skills and attributes at character creation?
4e. What options are customizable on your character when you create it?
4f. How long can your character names be?
4g. Does a character's gender have any effect on its stats?
No. Males and females are equally effective in all areas of the game. There are no statistical difference between the two genders.
However, some in-game quest NPCs might treat you differently, depending on whether you play a male or female.
4h. Are there emotes such as waving, bowing, etc?
4i. What are the policies/restrictions on naming characters?
You may not select the name of another person, or a name which violates any third party's trademark right, copyright, or other proprietary right, or which may mislead other members to believe you to be an employee of . You may not have a name which deems vulgar or otherwise offensive. The Company reserves the right to delete, or to change, any vulgar or otherwise offensive name.
4j. Where will my character be "born"?
4k. When and where can I train and get promoted?
4l. Can I change the name of my character?
4m. Can I change the gender of my character?
4n. What are the character limits for account IDs, character names, guild names, and warehouse passwords respectively?
4o. How many times and at which level can we get promoted? I've reached level 70 and have prepared the required item, but I can't get promoted in the Job Center, why?
4p. The effect of the one-hour double Experience time from Heaven Blessing and the effect of the Exp Potion can be stacked?
4q. Blessed players will gain bonus Exp after killing monsters, but they don't get it directly. Where can they claim the Exp?
4r. If blessed player A kills blessed player B, will player A be cursed?

5a. Can you attack shopkeepers?
5b. Will an NPC remember if you talked to him or her before?
5c. How can I reach another city?

6a. What sort of monsters inhabit the lands?
6b. How can I tell how difficult a monster is going to be?
6c. How far will a monster chase me?
6d. Can monsters cast spells?
6e. Are there boss monsters in Conquer?

7a. Are you able to randomly find unique or mastercraft items?
7b. Do items have weight? How many items will I be able to carry?
7c. Are there level/class requirements or restrictions on using items?
7d. Are there ways to make weapons glow or have cool effects in Conquer?
7e. Can I store my money (silver) in my warehouses?
7f. Where can I access the items I put in my warehouse?
7g. Where can I get a pickaxe?
7h. What's the use of the meteors?
7i. What's the use of the Dragon Balls?
7j. Will I need to constantly upgrade my items as I level-up?
7k. Where can I upgrade my item's level and quality?
7l. I have set the Warehouse password, but it doesn't come into effect. Why?
7m. My Warehouse isn't full, but I can't deposit any items. Another case is that I can't withdraw any items and the Warehouse is full. What can I do about these?
7n. What's the difference between the Item Box in the House and the Warehouse?
7o. How do I equip weapons? What about left handed weapons?
7p. What are the advantages of upgrading equipment in Market?
7q. I can't compose my equipment. Why?
7r. If the sum of the damage reduction attributes on my character exceeds 100, does it mean I will take no damage or gain health back?

8a. Can you "Alt+Tab" in and out of the game?
8b. Are you able to customize the keys?
8c. How can I befriend another player, or delete friends/enemies from the list?
8d. What are chat channels and how do I use them?
8e. How do you move your character around?
8f. Why does Conquer run in a window?
8g. What are the buttons at the left side of the Stats screen?
The buttons can be used to view your character's gradually improving skills and abilities. Each button opens up like a tab, and contains the following information:

1st Tab: Stats: Your character's basic attributes are here, showing how much potency, damage, accuracy and statistical data your character has.
2nd Tab: Equipped Items: This shows what your character is wearing, what he or she has equipped. You can unequip an item by double-clicking on it. You can equip an item by dragging it from your inventory to the appropriate space, or by right clicking on it in your inventory.
3rd Tab: Alternate Equipment: This tab shows alternative equipment you equip. You can switch them from the main equipment.
4th Tab: Special Skills: Any skill that is unique to your character class is listed here. These special skills include charge-up skills, character class features, and magical spells.
5thTab: Weapon Skills: This shows what weapons you have learned to use. Each weapon skill starts at 1st level, and the more you use the weapon, the better you get at it.
6th Tab: Sub-class: This shows the status of your subclass.
7th Tab: Achievement System: This tab can direct you to achievement system, and you can check your achievement there.

In addition to these modes of movement, the player often experiences teleportation, which instantly transports you to new areas.

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8h. What's the use of "?" on the lower left corner of game interface?
8i. Where is my character on the mini map?
8j. I only see one line of text in the message log.

World & Exploration
9a. What continents are in Conquer?
9b. What information will the mini-map display?
9c. What are cities like in Conquer?
9d. Will there be special locations?

10a. Is the game easy to learn how to play?
10b. Will there be other things to do besides level grinding?
10c. Is there a way to finish Conquer? How long can I play?
10d. How can I get married or divorced?
10e. Can I build a house? What about upgrading my house?
10f. What tools are required for mining?
10g. What's the use of +1 items?
10h. What are the requirements and advantages of getting married?
10i. What is the contribution of the Apprentices? How can I leave my Mentor?
10j. How do I get the Virtue Points? Where can I check how many Virtue Points I have? What's the function of Virtue Points?
10k. Why do some players have a blue halo above their heads?
10l. How can I get out of Jail?
10m. After I click Lady Luck, the screen went blank. I had paid but I haven't joined the Lottery, do I have to pay again to enter the lottery center?
10n. What can I do if I have these problems? I can't go home after upgrading my house? I can't find the Item Box. The item box is blocked by the something, how do I move it? How can I delete the furniture?
10o. Can I get back the money donated to gain Nobility Rank?
10p. How much bonus Battle Power can I get from the Nobility System?
10q. I was a Duke. I just donated lots of money, but now I am no longer a Duke! Why?

11a. Can players kill each other in Conquer?
11b. Are there PK wars? Will my character compete against others?
Yes, there are regular player killing competitions that you can join in, if you feel interested. You need to be a high level character, though... PKing is not for featherweights, it's big league stuff!

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11c. Is there a gladiators' arena or some place to fight each other?
11d. How can my character redeem himself / reduce his PK points?
11e. How can I avoid killing another player.
11f. How long does cursed time last for?
11g. Do I gain PK Points if I kill a red name player? The Guards won't kill the red name players, right? I'm offline when I claim the prize in PK Tournament, can I reclaim the prize?

Skill & Spells
12a. How can I get new spells?
12b. What are required for learning and casting a skill/spell?
12c. How can I cast a spell?
12d. How do XP skills work?
12e. Do skills decrease if you don't use them much?
12f. Is there "buffs", to bolster your character's strength?
12g. Why can't I use some skills?
12h. Lots of skills can't be used in Market. Why?

13a. Can you team-up with your friends and go adventuring in a group?
13b. How many people can join my party/team?
13c. How is loot shared in the group?
13d. How do you know your group members' hit points?

14a. What quests are available in Conquer?
14b. How do I get quests to complete?
14c. What if I fail my quest? Can I try it again?

15a. What do I need to make my own guild?
15b. How can you chat with your guild?
15c. Are there any guild wars or battles in the game?
15d. How do guilds work?
15e. Why can't I continue to set up enemy guilds when list is not full yet?
15f. There are only 3 guilds in my enemy list, but I can't add more enemies. Why?
15g. I saw an improper guild name. What can I do?
15h. Why can't I dismiss my Deputy Leader?
15i. There are abnormal codes in the guild names, so I can't add or remove the guilds from the ally or enemy list. What can I do?
15j. Why does the Guild Fund decrease so fast?
15k. The Guild Beast didn't appear, why?

Death Penalty
16a. How does death work?
16b. When I'm a ghost, can I see other monsters and players?
16c. If I die as a ghost, what happens?
16d. If I lose experience enough that I drop below zero, what happens?
16e. Will I revive with only one hit point?
16f. Can I access my inventory when I'm dead?

17a. Can I drop items on the ground so that someone else can grab them?
17b. How can I trade with another character?
17c. How can I open a booth in the marketplace?
17d. How can I close my booth in the marketplace?
17e. I got "Invalid Amount" message after I confirmed my trade money. Why?
17f. There is nobody in the booth, but when I clicked the shop-flag, it told me to find other vacant spots. Why?
17g. How many trade partners can I have? How long is the wait for partnership?
17h. How do I become a Merchant?

18a. What is rebirth?
18b. When can my character be reborn?
18c. What advantages and skills do I get when reborn?
18d. What can I do if I accidentally distribute my attribute points incorrectly and my character can't level normally?
18e. How many types of first rebirth are there? How many attribute points will be gained after rebirth?
For your first rebirth, you can choose normal rebirth (Get a super gem) or blessed rebirth.
The attribute points awarded will be retained after rebirth, but your basic attribute points before rebirth won't be retained.
The count of the attribute points:
2nd Reborn Attribute Points= 30 (1st reborn award points) +1st reborn extra attribute points + 52 (2nd reborn awarded points) + 2nd reborn extra attribute points+ 3*(Current level- 15).
Note: 52= 10 attribute points given by system+ 3*14
I.e. The attribute points of 137-137-137: 30+55+52+55+3*122=558

Note: You can get the extra attribute points only after you get reborn. For example, a level 127 Archer only has 21 attribute points, because he hasn't gotten reborn. Non-reborn players will gain 3 attribute points for each level after they reach level 120.
18f. What is Epiphany?
18g. Will my donation before rebirth be deleted after rebirth?

19a. I get this error message "DirectX error: Display acceleration support is out of order. Please confirm your current display mode is 16 bits, and if your display driver is installed correctly." What can I do?
19b. I keep getting 'Socket Error 10061' when I open Play.exe
19c. When I try to log into the game, I get system message Error: 'Connection with the server is interrupted. Please re-login'
19d. When I open the client, I am told to set my system font small. What should I do?
19e. When I turn on Full Shadow, the screen is messed up by terrible black shadow everywhere. What should I do?
19f. I can't remove Conquer program from Control Panel or Uninstaller. What should I do?
19g. I got message like 'Error: can't create 3D/texture', and then the client exited.
19h. I am experiencing slow download and keeping getting error message, what should I do?
19i. I can't open the download site. It is said that the page doesn't exist.
19j. Whenever I click Conquer 2.0 on my desktop, I hit Enter, than it just disappears, I never get the log-in screen, someone please help me.
1) Go to your conquer directory then the ini folder look for a file called GameSetUp.ini; make these changes to this line only [Interface]InterfaceRecord=0

2) Please check if your firewall blocks Conquer.
19k. When I click on Play.exe, the client flashes and quit right after that.
19l. I downloaded the client. But I opened it; it said that the file was corrupted.
19m. Why is the game so laggy?
19n. Why do I get autopatch.exe cannot be found? error message when I install the patch manually?
It is because you don't install the patch correctly. Please download and install the CO patches as below:1) Save the patches in conquer folder.2) Open the conquer folder, double click on the patch icon to install.
19o. I only see 1 line on the screen when someone is talking to me. Why?
19p. I try to type my name on the game's Login screen but nothing appears.

20a. What are the conditions for Clan members to share Battle Power? How much Battle Power can be shared?
20b. I have joined another Clan before getting married. Will I join my spouse' Clan after I get married?

21a. What's the +n mount?
21b. Is there a time limit for the Saddle quest?
21c. Can the mount be blessed?
21d. I have learned the Mount skills, but I can't ride on my mount. Why?
21e. There are 3 bars under the mount when breeding. What do they mean?
21f. Which mounts can I get from the Lottery Center?
21g. Will the monsters drop the +n mounts?
21h. What's the Lineage?
21i. The speed of different mounts is different, right? Are the attributes of the rare mount the same as other mounts'?

22a. I have credited enough money to level up to VIP Level 3, but I'm still VIP Level 2 in game. Why?
22b. I can't choose the server on the bind accounts page. What can I do?
22c. What's the quota limit of the VIP monthly purchase?
22d. Will the VIP account be unbound automatically?


23a. Can I trade Artifacts?
23b. What are Martial Souls and Dragon Souls? Where can I get them?
23c. Which kind of Artifact has a special visual effect?
23d. I've got a Missing Key, now. Can I get another one?
23e. Apart from buying them from the sales events, is there any other way to get a Permanent Stone?
23f. If several players are summoning the Terato Dragon at the same time, which one will get the dropped items?
23g. Can I upgrade the Purification Phase from 2 to 3 with Meteors?


24a. Can I join all  sub-classes together? And are all  effects working at the same time?
24b. I'm doing the Dragon Soul Quest and have got the Study Points, but I forgot to join the sub-class. Will the points be kept when I join one, some day? And what are Study Points used for?
The points will be kept. They are used to upgrade your sub-class level.
24c. How can I get Study Points?