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Fire Taoist

The Fire Taoists are able to learn a wide selection of devastating skills and magic, and proved to be the most dangerous magic-users.

Weapons: Taoists are greatly restricted in their choice of weapons. Their devotion to the magical arts leaves little room for studying martial weapons. Backswords are their favorites.

Armor: The robes grant substantial protection to the Taoists.

Styles: Taoists' power comes from the wide range of magic.

Special: Taoists with no magic is a sitting duck. They cast skills or magic from range and their XP skills will cause even greater damage.

Fire Taoists start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Taoist until level 15. A Taoist can choose to be a Fire Taoist or a Water Taoist when reaching level 40. All Fire Taoist promotions are given by the Taoist Moon in the Job Center in Twin City.

Level Items Required Promoted Title Promotion Award
15 None Taoist Small Praying Stone(B).
40 None Fire Taoist Level 40 Elite Backswordx1(B)
70 Emerald Fire Wizard Non-reborn: Level 70 Super Back Sword  (B).
1st reborn: Super Dragon Gem(B)
2nd reborn: 1 Dragon Ball + 1000 Study Points.
100 Meteor Fire Master Non-reborn: Refined Phoenix Gem (B)
1st reborn: Super Refinery Pack (B)
2nd reborn: Level 100 Super Earing or Taoist Robe with 1 socket (B).
110 Moon Box Fire Saint Non-reborn: 3 Exp Balls, 3 Triple Exp Potions, +2 Stone, +2 Steed. All are Bound.
1st reborn: Super 1 socket Optional Weapon (B)
2nd reborn: 1 Dragon Ball or 300 Bound CPs.

Fire Tao's Skills

XP Skills
XP Skills As a Fire Taoist levels up, he/she will learn the following XP skills:

Skill Name
Multiple enemy ranged attack.
A stronger version of lightning with a different name.
Speed Lightning
A stronger version of lightning with a different name.

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