Classes - Warrior


The warriors are adept in the use of weapons and always wearing heaviest armors. They are the only class who can equip shields for bonus defense.

Weapons: Warriors can use any weapons, except for bow and backsword.

Armor: Their armors are heaviest and strongest.

Special: The "Superman" XP Skill is unique, possessed only by the Warrior. When activated it causes a death blow, decupled damage!

Warriors start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Warrior until level 15. All Warrior promotions are given by the Warrior God in the Job Center in Twin City.

Level Items Required Promoted Title Promotion Award
15 None Warrior Small Praying Stone(B)
40 None Brass Warrior Level 40 Elite Wand x1(B)
70 Emerald Silver Warrior Non-reborn: Level 70 Wand (B).
1st reborn: Super Dragon Gem(B)
2nd reborn: 1 Dragon Ball + 1000 Study Points.
100 Meteor Gold Warrior Non-reborn: Refined Dragon Gem (B)
1st reborn: Super Refinery Pack (B)
2nd reborn: Level 100 Super Warrior Helmet or Warrior Armor with 1 socket (B).
110 Moon Box Warrior Master Non-reborn: 3 Exp Balls, 3 Triple Exp Potions, +2 Stone, +2 Steed. All are Bound.
1st reborn: Super 1 socket Optional Weapon (B)
2nd reborn: 1 Dragon Ball or 300 Bound CPs.

Warrior's Skills

XP Skills
As a Warrior levels up, he/she will learn the following XP skills:

Image Skill Name Effects


Hit accuracy tripled for a long period.


Damage decupled for a short period when you are hitting monsters. (No effect when PKing)


Defense tripled a long period.


Increase XP points for all teammates nearby.

Flying moon

Powerful magic attack.

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