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Class 3 & Class 4 House

Building a House Changes for Houses Upgrading Your House Class 3 & Class 4 House Furniture

Great news! Thanks to advances in building materials and engineering, now you can upgrade your house to a Class 3, or even Class 4 home! So, if you're one of those people who just can't bear to have the same old house, or maybe you just need a little more room for a new family, this is the thing for you! Just check the steps and requirements, below!

Class 3 House
If you have a Class 2 house, then you can upgrade it to Class 3 after you prepare the necessary material! You have two ways to upgrade it. When you have a Class 3 House Permit and 2,000,000 silver, or 8 Refined gems and 3,000,000 silver, you can talk to House Admin in Twin City (342, 527) and upgrade your house to Class 3!

Class 4 House
After you upgrade your house to Class 3, you can still make it even better by upgrading it to the ultimate Class 4 house! Similar to upgrading Class 3 house, you will have two methods to make your house from Class 3 to 4. One is preparing a Class 4 Upgrade Certificate and 5,000,000 silver, then give them to House Admin in the Twin City (342, 527); the other is handing in 2 Super Gems and 4,000,000 sliver to him. Both ways can finish the House Upgrading!

Look at the house after it's been upgraded! Isn't it more beautiful and spacious? Why not go upgrade your own house, now!

You should pack up your furniture first, before the workers start to upgrade your house. Click "Setting" at the up right side of the interface, and then click "Furniture" – "Close" to pack up your furniture. If you are looking for a new item box, you need to remove all items out of the present item box and delete it to buy a new one.