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Second Rebirth - Lucky Time

When using skill Bless, you are starting to gather "Lucky Time".


Bless Skill: Second reborn characters can use the Bless skill to gather lucky time. During the lucky time, the drop rate of good items, higher damage, and success rate of upgrading quality will increase.

When using the bless skill, your character stands still and starts gathering lucky time. The time ticks up as soon as you use the skill. The longer you wait, the more lucky time you can gain (2 hours at most.)
When you move, attack, or perform any other action, your lucky time starts to count down.

The Lucky Timer: The "Lucky Timer" will appear on the top left of the screen under the system messages, and it is marked as a Chinese Knot (a traditional Chinese handcraft used to express luck and prosperity).

Server Maintenance Clears the Lucky Time! Lucky Time will be cleared because of server maintenance. Generally, normal log-out doesn’t clear the lucky time. But you are recommended not to gather lucky time before logging out or server maintenance.

Share Lucky Time: Lucky time can be shared with others. When you are gathering lucky time, other players around you, including non-reborn players have the chance to pray too. But the speed to gather lucky time for you is 3 times faster than those non-reborn players.
Lucky time also produces many benefits when attacking monsters or other characters.


Double Damage: Double damage randomly happens when attacking monsters or other players.

Protection: When attacked by monsters or other characters, there is chance that the damage will be greatly reduced.

Experience Flourish: When killing monsters, there is a low chance that you earn 10x the normal experience for killing that monster (only with melee weapons, not ranged skills or magic).

XP Bar Charge: If your level is 5 higher than the monsters', and your XP bar is over half way full, there's a low chance of immediately filling your bar just by killing any monsters.

Drop Rate of Items will be increased, including meteors, super items and Dragon Balls.

About Equipment:
The rates of upgrading quality when repairing equipment, and gaining a socket when upgrading equipment level increase.
The success rate of upgrading equipment quality increases, too.
Besides, there is chance not to consume durability when upgrading equipment level.