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Quest - The Second Rebirth

If you don't want to do this quest, you can buy an Exemption Token from Shopping Mall, then you can start your 2nd reborn at Reborn Master instantly.


1. Talk to the Rebirth Master (Twin City 248,361) in the market to enter the Evil Abyss where everybody is free to PK without being recorded, that is, no PK points or enemy list.

2. Every monster here may drop quest items when killed. You won’t lose the items if killed in the Evil Abyss, but you may lose them outside! You’d better store the items in your Warehouse once leaving the map.

3. Open the Quest Trace to follow up easily.

4. This quest consists of 3 stages, from the hardest to the easiest. Be patient, and sharpen the knife before cutting the wood!

5. You can also purchase quest items from Tao Breeze (607, 637) to save much of your time and efforts.

6. Monsters may drop petals, pistils, and stalks, all of which can be made into white or red flowers after you collect enough. A combination of white and red flower can be exchanged for EXP of 20 minutes.

The Second Rebirth

The Second Rebirth

Stage 1:

1. Hunt for Mosses, Dream Grasses and Soul Aromas. You need to collect 119 of each. Paying 1 CP to Tao Breeze (609 633) for each is also an option. That’s quite a bargain.

2. Head to the Earth Seal (444,878) and click it to summon the Hill Monster with a Moss, a Dream Grass, and a Soul Aroma. Kill the monster by yourself to get a Ghost Horn. Collect at least 3 Ghost Horns and watch out for the killers and stealers nearby.

3. Find Arthur (607, 637) with path-finding to exchange 3 Ghost Horns for an Evil Tooth.

4. Go to the Water Seal (883,447), summon and take care of the Swift Devil with an Evil Tooth, a Moss, a Dream Grass, and a Soul Aroma, you will get a Feather Stone. 3 Feather Stones are needed for the next step.

5. Hand 3 Feather Stones to Arthur, who will make an Immortal Stone for you.

6. Take the Immortal Stone, Moss, Dream Grass and Soul Aroma to the Fire Seal (920,929) to summon and kill Banshee for a Vigor Fragment.

7. Give Arthur 3 Vigor Fragments and he will make an Impure Vigor this time.

8. Put the Impure Vigor into the Cleansing Stove (715,744) to summon the Cleansing Devil. Take it down, and a Pure Vigor will be dropped into your inventory!

9. Repeat from step 1 until you get 3 Pure Vigors to finish the first stage.

Stage 2:

Talk to Bryan (609,633), and you will be asked to kill monsters to sink the Mountain of Grievance, which is 40,000 meters high. Most monsters only bring 1 meter, but monsters in different colors contribute 6 meters. There are rare monsters that contribute 20 or even 500 meters! You just need to ride on a decent horse and press ALT to hunt high quality monsters. Paying some CPs to Tao Breeze can skip you the grind of this stage. Auto-hunting will help a lot, too. Just don’t forget to repair your gears frequently.

Stage 3:

1. Angela (611,638) requires you to kill Andrew, Peter, Philip, Timothy, Daphne, Victoria, Wayne and Theodore, one after another, as one round. And you need to do it 9 rounds.

2. Kill any of the following monsters to get a Squama Bead: Serpent Spirit, Hardest Lord, Demon Lord and Fiend Lord.

3. Go to the Satan Seal (331 340) to summon and kill Satan, Beast Satan, and Fury Satan, one after another.

The Second Rebirth

The Second Rebirth

The Second Rebirth

The Second Rebirth

The Second Rebirth