Rise of the Warrior

Requirement: Level 40
Warrior God (JobCenter 33,65),
Miracle’s Spirit (MysticCave 110,110)
Quest Items:
Warrior God’s Letter
Warrior God happened to get an ancient book about the Hero of “Miracle” and wanted to discuss with you. Right click to read.
Memory Jade Slips
The mottled jade slips contain an old secret. Right click to open.
Burning Blood
Level 40 Elite Warrior Fist
In the beginning of the world, the Chaotic Deities were involved in a legendary war against the Evil Demons. In the war, one of the Deities achieved outstanding exploits, and was remembered as the “Miracle”.
1.      One day, you received a letter from the Warrior God telling you that he came across an ancient book about the Hero of Miracle. Talk to the Warrior God in the Job Center for more information.
2.     Talk with Warrior God and get an ancient book,click the ancient book to get a Memory Jade Slips.
3.      The Memory Jade Slips will transport heroe to mysterious area.
4.      Talk with the man at the table, witness he put a pair of Fists into a chest and tried to seal the chest.
5.      With some questions still lingering, you traced the mysterious force calling on you, and arrived on the plain where you were surprised to find a mountain that suddenly appeared. You decided to go up and check it out.
6.     The uphill road was blocked by an ancient Formation. You observed the Formation carefully, and found the Sealing Stele was the key to break the Formation.
7.      After breaking through the ancient Formation, you arrived in the cave that you’ve ever been to in the virtual dimension. The chest on the table was tied with heavy iron chains. When you touched the chest, a terrific force suddenly knocked you back, and you saw a dark and sinister shadow in human shape emerge from your body.
8.      The shadow gave a cunning smile, and told you he was created by your ANGER, VIOLENCE and GREED, and he could give you everything if you obey to the Evil. Of course, you refused and rushed at the shadow fearlessly. When you finally defeated the Mind of Evil, someone appeared in your back.
9.      After talking to the man, who was turned out to be Miracle’s Spirit, you understood the whole thing that you saw in the cave before. Since you’ve completed the trial of Miracle, you were granted the Fists of Burning Blood with great power, as well as greater responsibility.
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