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NPCs - Market NPC

NPCs in Market

Image Name Abscissa Ordinate Services
Name Registrar 195 202 Pay 810 CPs to change your character's name. And the new name will take effect after the next server maintenance.
Garment Shop Keeper 200 0179 You can swap for new clothes by giving him your old ones (5 garments a time at most)! The old garment price will be deducted from the cost of the new one, and you only need to pay the difference to claim your new Garment!
Market Controller 215 220 Teleport you out of the market.
Prize Officer 185 170 Claim your prize.
House Admin 199 87 Teleport you to your house.
Shelby 240 249 Check your virtue points and claim your virtue reward
Love Stone 192 193 1.   Help you get married or divorced
2.   Get double experience time
Refinery Stabilizer 186 199 Make the refinery permanent
Pharmacist 198 181 Sell HP potions, fireworks and spell books, repair your items.
Dice King 187 179 Preside over gambling.
Equipment Blacksmith 178 199 Upgrade the level and quality of your items or degrade your gear to level 15 with 54 CPs;Upgrade your weapon to level 120 or above;Have your items repaired;
Warehouseman 182 180 Store your items and deposit your money.
CP Admin 178 182 Exchange DBs for CPs.
CollectorZhao 212 184 Collect DisguiseAmulet, PenitenceAmulet, and LifeFruitBasket drawn from lottery.
LadyLuck 214 190 She is in charge of Lottery
GreatMerchant 212 179 She is in charge of Shopping Mall
CostumerChen 204 179 You can buy garments from her.
Rebirth Master 210 212

NPC for The First Rebirth ;

NPC for The Second Rebirth ;

NPC for Reincarnation;

Redistribute the attribute poins for the reborn level 70+ players.

CloudSaint 213 201 Demon Exterminators Quest
Socketsmith 192 200 Socket equipment
Unknownman 212 204 Help you swap your Dragon balls for some exp
SurgeonMiracle 252 242 Change the body size of character with a DragonBall.
Millionaire Lee 182 183 Pack Dragon Balls, Meteors, Gems and +1 Stones.
Gem Composer 183 212 Gem Composition
No Change 178 204 Enchant Items and Compose Items
Blessed Great Master 178 208 Upgrade Blessed Attributes
Confiscator 193 212 Redeem detained equipment.
MerchantClerk 178 187 Set Merchant Account
Costumer 285 220 Exchange Coat Tickets for coat
Gem Insetter Gem Insetter 192 205 Socket a gem into your equipment or remove a gem from your socketed equipment.

Check the NPCs on the marketplace map.