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NPCs - Birth Village NPC

NPC's in Birth Village

Image Name




Guide 61 105 Tell you where you are and what you can do
Mr. Zeal 70 37 Tell you how to talk to NPCs
Blacksmith 66 46 Tell you how to buy/sell, arm/disarm weapons
Warehouseman 72 50 Tell you how to deposit/withdraw items, money
Armory 76 55 Tell you how to buy/sell armors
Pharmacist 80 62 Tell you how to buy/sell medicine
Mr. Nosy 85 41 Teach you some knowledge about the classes
Know It All 88 31 After Novices talk to him, they can be teleported to Twin City and awarded some free items
Taoist Star 74 37 Novice Taoists can talk to him to learn Thunder and cure magic
Old General Yang 95 42 Novice Trojans and Warriors can talk to him to learn Boreas