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Guide - Blessed Items

Effects: Blessed items can reduce the damage taken from enemy attacks. The blessed attributes are divided into 4 levels according to the damages reduced: 1%, 3%, 5% and 7%. All items (except steed) may have blessed attributes, and the bonuses stack together if you've got more than one blessed item.

In the case that you have tortoise gems, the damage reduced by bless is deducted after the damage reduced by tortoise gems is deducted.

Obtain Blessed Attributes: When you choose blessed rebirth, the elementary blessed attributes will be randomly added to one of your equipped items. If you choose blessed rebirth, you will lose the chance to get a super gem. If a Water Tao is reborn before level 120, the elementary blessed attributes can only be randomly added to one of the equipped weapons or boots. See Reborn details.

If all your equipped items are blessed, none of your blessed items can receive a blessed attribute point from blessed rebirth.
If you are lucky, you may also obtain a blessed item by killing monsters. All monsters may drop blessed items.

Blessed Items

Wusing Oven in market (178,205) can help you to bless your Garment, Mount Armor, Star Tower, Heaven Fan, Riding Crop or Miraculous Gourd/Magic Bottle with 270 CPs.