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Demon Exterminators - Player Above 120

Legendary: (levels 120+)
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Demon Exterminators

Demons are ruining the world, and thus, the Gods have decided to vanquish them once and for all. Of course, the demons will always come back, but even gods have forlorn hopes. This quest is just that -a forlorn hope at peace in a world overpopulated by mindless monsters.

Demon Exterminators
Requirement: Level 120+
NPCs: Cloud Saint (Market 251,482)
Time: Once daily (Level 3 to 6 VIP players can complete the Demon Exterminators quest for one more time each day.)
Rewards: Expworth 5 Exp Balls, +1-3 Stone, Meteor, Study Points.
Note: If you are below level 120, you are suggested to take the Monster Hunter quests, which are more or less the same.

i. After reaching level 120, you'll receive a letter from the Cloud Saint, a powerful man who resides in the Market.
ii. Talk to Cloud Saint and he'll give you a free EXP Ball for answering his letter. Then he asks you to kill thousands of monsters and demons!
iii. To help you conquer demons, Cloud Saint will present a Cloud Saint's Jar to you. With this, you can collect demons' souls and inquire about soul types and the amount anytime.
iv. There are four stages of monsters you must kill:
Stage 1: Kill 200 monsters
Stage 2: Kill 400 monsters
Stage 3: Kill 600 monsters
Stage 4: Kill 800 monsters
v. As a reward for killing 2000 monsters, you will get experience worth five EXP Balls.