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Server Merge - The Notice Of Merging Servers

The notice of merging servers
Rule 1:
There will be NO Character Transfer any more. If you have an account and own characters on both servers, only ONE character will be preserved. Which character will remain is determined by these factors, as listed in order of importance:

1. Has more Conquer Points.
2. Has been reborn.
3. Has higher level.
4. Created Earlier.

Rule 2:

When merging servers, the following items will be preserved:

1) Level
2) Experience
3) Money
4) Guild
5) Your Items
6) The credited DBs
7) Your house (including furniture and item box)
8) All your magic and skills
9) Trade Partner
10) Relationship and Contribution of Mentor and Apprentice system
11) Progress of unlocking item
12) Nobility Rank
13) Flowers Ranking

Rule 3:

The following data will NOT be reserved:

1) Your friend info
2) Your enemy'info
3) The marriage info

Rule 4:

Guild Map:

You will not retain any guild maps after the server A is merged into the Server B.

Rule 5:


During the server merge, please do NOT credit your DB account in either the Server A or Server B. After the server merge, please check if you can log into the Server B. Additionally, check for any loss in character data.

Carefully read the above rules! CO is not responsible for any deviation from the above set of rules.