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Server Merge - The Changes Of Character And Guild

The Changes of Character And Guild

The Server Merge's influence on Characters:

To avoid characters names from being duplicated after the merge please refer to the following rules:

1) If a repetition occurs in character name after the server merge, a '[Z+ number]' will be added before your name. For example: before merging, your character's name is 'Anna'; after the merge, it is '[Z12345] Anna'.

2) If your character's name goes beyond the character limit, the system will keep only the initial letters.

3) After the merge, we will release a character renaming web page. If you are unsatisfied with your new name, you can submit a request to change your character's name. Only those with a '[Z+ number]' will be eligible for a new name.

The following data will be reserved:


When merging servers, the following items will be preserved:

1) Level
2) Experience
3) Money
4) Guild
5) Your Items
6) The credited DBs
7) Your house (including furniture and item box)
8) All your magic and skills
9) Trade Partner
10) Relationship and Contribution of Mentor and Apprentice system
11) Progress of unlocking item
12) Nobility Rank
13) Flowers Ranking

The following data will NOT be reserved:

1) Your friends' info
2) Your enemies' info
3) The couple's info

The Guild Change After Server Merge:

1) Any repetition in guild names will be modified in the same way as a character names '[Z+ number]'; if the guild name goes beyond the letter limit, the name will be abridged.
2) All allied and enemy guild data will be deleted.
3) Due to unique guild maps in each server, the guild maps will not be saved. All guild status will be reset.