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Server Merge - Basic Rules

Basic Rules On Your Account

1. Objective:

To integrate the Server A into the Server B.

2. The Details:

1) The Server A will merge with the Server B. After merging, the Server B will remain online, but the Server A will not.

2) Both Server A and Server B will be brought down on this day. They will be brought back online once the merge is finished. Please refer to our official announcement.

3) After the server mergence is completed, all accounts, characters and other data from the Server A will be merged into the Server B. Existing characters on the Server A and Server B can once again use the original account and password to log into the Server B.

4) Your account and password will not change. If a duplicate character name occurs, the character from Server A will be automatically renamed; Server B characters will not be renamed. Please refer to the following 'change of character and guild'.

5) After the mergence, please use your original account and password to log into the Server B to ensure that all your information is correct. For problems, please send email to:

Please read all the rules of our server merge carefully and be sure to check the latest news for any updates. Thank you!