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Server Merge - Make Sure Some Issues

Make Sure Some Issues On Your Account

To ensure the safety of your data after the server merge, please do the following:

Affirm your character:

1) If you have an account and own character both in SnowWhite and Cinderella, after server merge, the related character data of the two servers will be preserved. But after server merge, when you use this account to log in SnowWhite, you will see the character of SnowWhite server.

2) If you want to play the character from merged-in server Cinderella, you can delete the character in SnowWhite, then log in again, you will see the character of Cinderella server.

3) If you want to keep 2 characters, you can transfer character in Cinderella to SnowWhite server. Please read
The Description For Character Transfer carefully.