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2017 Christmas Events - Snowman Building

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Snowman Building | Egg Crush | A Bit of Festival

Event Time: Dec. 21st, 2017 – Jan. 3rd, 2018

Rewards: Festival Joy Pack and Snowman

Requirement: Level 80

Limit: Once a day

Key Item: Snow ball, coal ball, scarf, carrot and hat

NPC: Christmas Envoy in Twin City (340,460)


1. How can there be Christmas without Snowman? Do you hear Santa Claus's call? He's asking people to build snowman with him. There must be lots of gifts and surprises.
2. Visit Santa Claus to learn the details and claim a shovel.

Chef Omelet

3. Collect 2 snowballs from the snowdrift in Wind Plain (397,469),

 stun the Mommy Pheasants

4. Collect 1 carrot at around Wind Plain (373,637)

 stun the Mommy Pheasants

5. Collect 2 tree branches from the peach trees at around Wind Plain (462,672)

 stun the Mommy Pheasants

6. Collect 2 Black Buttons from the Poltergeists around Wind Plain (100,348)

 stun the Mommy Pheasants

7. Claim a Christmas Hat from the Boutique Owner in Wind Plain (296,222)


8. When you get all the required materials, you can use them to build a snowman and claim a reward from Santa Claus. The snowman will be yours too!
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