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2017 Christmas Events - Egg Crush

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Event Time: Dec. 21st, 2017 – Jan. 3rd, 2018

Rewards: Festival Joy Pack, Meteor, even Dragon Ball

Requirement: Level 80

Limit: Once a day

Key Item: Blessing Card, Hammer

NPC: Floria in Twin City (355,460)


  1. Floria is giving away festival cards in Twin City, why not send a card with your heart felt wishes to your friends and beloved? You`ll also gain a chance to crack the Auspicious Egg for big prizes!
  2. Floria will give you a Merry Christmas Card, a Happy New Year Card and an Infinite Blessing Card. Before sending the card, you need to choose a wish and a target to present. After sending out all the 3 cards, you can claim a reward and a magic hammer from me. Use the hammer to crack the Auspicious Egg for big prizes.

    Chef Omelet

  3. Right click the card to choose the blessing messages and enter who you would like to send your card to.
  4. Return to Floria for the reward and hammer.
  5. User your hammer to crack the Auspicious Egg will bring you a surprise.
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