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2017 Christmas Events - Egg Cleaning

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Event Time: Dec. 21st, 2017 – Jan. 3rd, 2018

Rewards: Festival Joy Pack and Christmas Carnival Pack

Requirement: Level 80

Limit: Once a day

Key Item: Egg

NPC: Super Egg Director in Twin City (355,488)


  1. Many Painted Egg Babies came to Twin City for the amazing "Super Egg" Beauty Pageant, however, most of them look upset because the long trip made them dirty. To cheer them up, the Super Egg Director is asking people to clean these travel-stained contestants.
  2. Visit Super Egg Director to learn the details and claim a Handkerchief.

    Wong Leung

  3. Talk to the Egg Babies, use your handkerchief to clean 5 Palmed Egg Babies in the color zone. When you clean the Babies, you have a chance to get a Christmas Carnival Pack. There are some naught kids too, they may trap you. Be careful.

    Wong Leung

  4. After cleaning 5 Eggs, you can return to Super Egg Director for the rewards.
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