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Lantern Festival Card Collecting

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Lantern Riddles | Card Collecting

Server Time: Feb 25 to Mar 2
Requirement: Level 40 and above
Grandpa Shang (Twin City, 383, 348)

  1. Talk to Grandpa Shang (Twin City, 383, 348) and he will tell you your fortune.

    Grandpa Shang

  2. There are 3 types of festival cards: Wealth Cards, Health Cards and Fame Cards. You can only use the card that matches your fortune! You may exchange your cards for other cards you need from other players.
  3. You will have the chance to get these cards from any of the monsters that inhabit the world of Conquer except those in Frozen Grotto. You also can claim 1 card from Grandpa Shang (Twin City, 383, 348) everyday from Feb 25th to Mar 2nd.
  4. You can use the cards and type in your friend’s name to send a blessing to him or her after you get 5 festival cards that match your fortune. You also will receive Lantern Festival Packs as a reward.

Health  Card  Wealth Card  Fame  Card

  1. The festival cards can be dropped and traded.
  2. The festival cards will be removed after the event.