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Lantern Festival Lantern Carnival

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Server Time: Feb 25 to Mar 2
Requirement: Level 40 and above
Edward (Twin City, 371,412)
Emily (Twin City, 503,306)


  1. Talk to Edward (Twin City, 371,412) to get details about this quest.


  2. You will have a chance to get some Kindling from any of the monsters that inhabit the world of Conquer.
  3. Talk to Edward (Twin City, 371,412) again at the top of every other hour starting from 0:00 with the Kindling in your inventory and you can join this quest. For example, this quest starts at 0:00, 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00 and 12:00 and lasts 30 minutes.
  4. Light the Lanterns one by one till you get to the destination marked by Emily (Twin City, 503,306), the first 10 players who light all the Lanterns will win the 1st place prize. The 11th to 50th players will get 2nd place prizes. The 51st to 100th players will get 3rd place prizes.