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Lantern Festival Dumpling Maker

Fireworks Event | Dumpling Maker | Demon Hunter | Lantern Carnival
Lantern Riddles | Card Collecting

Server Time: Feb 25 to Mar 2
Requirement: Level 40 and above
NPC: Winni (Twin City, 433,370)

  1. Talk to Winni (Twin City, 433,370), and she will ask you to find corresponding NPCs to make different types of dumplings. Find Bian Qing (Twin City, 471,330) to make Sesame Dumplings. Find Orchid Goddess (Twin City, 422,396) to make Red Bean Dumplings. Find Pharmacist Dong (Twin City, 386,377) to make Peanut Dumplings. Find Apprentice Luo (Twin City, 447,331) to make Egg Dumplings. And find Officer Su (Twin City, 462,391) to make Meat Dumplings.


  2. Find the materials they need to make your Dumplings by clicking the recipe.
  3. Give the Dumplings to Winni (Twin City, 433,370) and claim your rewards from her.
  1. You only can help her with this quest 3 times a day.
  2. If you are lucky, you will get some Superior Dumplings.