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Monsters - Thrilling Spook

Level 80 or above. Once a day.

50 Study Points and 1 Exorcism Token. Swap 3 tokens for an Exorcism pack with Heavenly Master (Market 244,150). Open the pack to obtain a Phase 3-4 Dragon Souls or weapon accessory.

Thrilling Spook

You need to complete the quest within one hour. If not, you will be sent out of the Black Burrow automatically. So keep alert and get it done.

1. Talk to the Heavenly Master (Market 244,150) to take the quest, and then enter the Black Burrow through the portal, nearby. You can team up and enter the same Burrow with your teammates. Please make sure that at least one member hasn't completed the quest, otherwise the Thrilling Spook will not be released. If you quit the team, you will be sent out of the Black Burrow.

2. Find the Earth Master (Black Burrow 36,22) and ask him to release a Thrilling Spook. Only when you have talked to Heavenly Master and signed up for the quest, will the Earth Master release the Thrilling Spook.

4. As an ancient boss, this Thrilling Spook has mastered many powerful spells, such as Soaring Leap (ranged attack and stun the target), Bloody Battle (ranged attack) and Surging Shake (high damage).

5. You can talk to Alchemist Dan (Black Burrow (25,30), if you need to buy some medicine or other supplies.

6. After you kill the devil, you can return to the Heavenly Master. He will reward you 50 study points and an Exorcism Token. You can claim only once a day no matter how many bosses you have killed.


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