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Monsters - Sword Master

Rewards 1. 20 Study Points for each teammate
2. The Sword Master randomly drops 2 items when killed:
60% chance to get a Phase 1/2/3 Artifact and 40% chance to get a Weapon Accessory
Requirement Level 100 or above
Time Limit You can only summon the Sword Master with the Sword Soul once a day.
Location Inside your house
Key Item Name: Sword Soul
Description: Right click to summon the Sword Master in your house once daily.
Sword Master's Skills Slash: Launches a single attack at a target.
Sword Beam: Launches a high-damage single attack at a target.
Immolation: Launches a ranged attack to a certain location.
Revenge Punch: Attacks a target and any nearby players.
Blade Vortex: Attacks all nearby enemies.
Blade Storm: Launches a ranged attack towards the enemies around him.
Heal: Restores some of its life.

Brief Walkthrough
1. You can buy the Sword Soul from the Honor Store or the Horse Racing Store.
2. You can summon the Sword Master with the Sword Soul while you're in your house. If you're able to kill him, you could receive some nice rewards!
3. You can only summon the Sword Master with the Sword Soul once a day.

If the Sword Master is summoned while you are upgrading your house, but not defeated, you will have to wait until the next server maintenance to summon him again!

 If the server is down or under maintenance while you are challenging the Sword Master, the system will judge it as a failed attempt. You will have to challenge it again, tomorrow!

Detailed Walkthrough
Hordes of demons have begun crossing over into the Conquer world. To help stave off the chaos, a wise sage invented a treasure, the Sword Soul, which can be used to summon a vile Sword Master. It's said that by pulling him into our world, you can also seize the chance to kill him and grab his power! You can swap your points for the Sword Soul from the Honor Store or the Horse Racing Store.

Sword Master

Sword Master

The Sword Master was once a famous swordsman, but he indulged himself in debauchery and acts of violence as he aged. His acts attracted a powerful demon, who offered him the power of demon, in exchange for his soul. Players can use the Sword Soul to summon the Sword Master to your own house! You can invite your friends over to try and kill the demon, together!

Sword Master

Watch out for the attacks of the Sword Master! You can easily get killed by his sharp sword and fabulous skills!

You fight back bravely, when suddenly the Sword Master roars and unleashes his skills- Sword Beam, Immolation, Revenge Punch, and Blade Vortex!

If you are truly ready to face this immense challenge and defend yourself, now is the time to prove yourself a true warrior!

Sword Master

Finally, you managed to defeat the Sword Master and claim the precious treasures he dropped on the floor!

Sword Master