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Monsters - Snow Banshee

Rewards 1. 100 Study Points for each teammate
2. The Snow Banshee randomly drops 2 items when killed:
10% chance to get a Dragon Ball, 50% chance to get a Phase 4 Artifact or above, 10% chance to get a Weapon Accessory and 30% chance to get a +2 Stone.
Respawn Time Refreshes every half hour
Location Frozen Grotto 2 (341,362)
Snow Banshee's Skills Ice Bolt: Launch a single attack on a target.
Frost Claw: Attacks a target with its claws.
Arrow Hail: Fan-shaped attack with a 10-degree clockwise rotation every second.
Ice Burst: Freezes all the enemies around for 5 seconds.
Ice Shock: Launches a ranged attack and freezes enemies for 3 seconds.
Avalanche: Fan-shaped attack.
Metaplasia: Restores its life with the power of the glacier.

Brief Walkthrough
1. Go to the Frozen Grotto 2 (341,362) and eliminate the Snow Banshee. She has very powerful attacks and high defense, so make sure you’re prepared! Watch out for her destructive skills!
2. Items will drop after the Snow Banshee has been killed. Besides, you and your teammates, if any, will each receive 100 Study Points.

Detailed Walkthrough
Something weird has happened in the Frozen Grotto 2, recently. Many warriors have entered the grotto looking for adventure, but most of them never come back out, again… Someone managed to escape from the last expedition, and has related tales of a horrible demon that seduces men and eats them! This evil Snow Banshee has hidden in the grotto for some time, and has killed numerous people… Now, we need heroes to slay the horrible demon and help restore peace to the lands around the Frozen Grotto!

Heroes can challenge the Snow Banshee alone, or can team up with others to bring down the demon!

The Snow Banshee uses her mighty skills to cover the whole cave with a thick layer of ice and snow! Watch out!

Snow Banshee

Arrow Hail, Ice Burst, Ice Shock, Avalanche… The Snow Banshee launches powerful attacks towards you, again and again. Be careful! This fight won’t be anything to sneeze at!

Snow Banshee

After a hard and long duel, the Snow Banshee is finally brought down by your fatal attacks! Go pick up the items dropped by the demon! You deserve such a great reward!

Snow Banshee

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