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Guide - Warehouse

There is a Warehouse you can use to store your extra items in every city. Warehouses are great places for players to leave the valuable items you may find during your travels. At any Warehouse, you can:

1. Deposit Money: At the top of the Warehouse window, you can enter the amount of silver you want to deposit, then click “Deposit”! The silvers will be stored in the Warehouse, until you want to withdraw them.

2. Withdraw Money: Enter the amount in the top of the Warehouse window and click “Withdraw” to take out some of your stored silver.

3. Deposit / Withdraw Items: Drag your items into the storage spaces, or click to put it back into your inventory. You can deposit most items inside your Warehouse, but some Quest Items or other special items cannot be stored.

Note: Warehouses are NOT connected. Each city has its own Warehouse to store your items, though your Silver stored can be accessed from all.

Be sure you withdraw your items from the same Warehouse you deposited them in!

secondary password

Thieves are only one step behind security. Even those who hoard their treasures in their Warehouse could find themselves at risk. For this, we offer the opportunity for players to set a secondary password.

You can open Setting-->Secondary, to set a Secondary password,

1. The password, which must be numbers, can be up to nine digits long.

2. After the password is set, you will need to enter the password if CPs involved actions occur Which including open your warehouse.

3. If you forget your secondary password, just click on the forget and you need to wait for 7days before it gets reset. Or you can head to this page for help: