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Guide - Battle Power


How to Calculate Advantages Of Battle Power

What are the advantages of Battle Power? What changes will be made in the game? Well this is a good time to learn the details of Battle Power.

The Advantages of Battle Power:

1. More Experience: Battle Power increases the experience you gain when killing monsters. Experience is awarded according to the amount of damage done. A higher Battle Power means more damage dealt out, and therefore, more experience received.

Note: Some items add a percentage of bonus experience. If you possess more than one such item, the percentages are not multiplied together. They are added on afterwards one at a time. For example, if you have a +300% Exp item and a +200% Exp item, you get a total of 500% Exp (300+200=500).

2. Conquer Invincible Monsters: Some monsters are impervious to damage done by those with lower Battle Power. They cannot be harmed unless your Battle Power is higher than theirs.

3. Damage Reduction: The ultimate function of Battle Power is with damage reduction. When you are attacked by a player with a lower Battle Power than you, the damage you take would be reduced. Conversely, when your Battle Power is higher than your rival's, your damage done is increased.