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New Server WorldPeace_EU - Returning Hero Benefits


Duration: Mar. 8th to Apr. 4th

Server: WorldPeace_EU only

We have prepared a special gift box for returning heroes who make the New Server Reservation. For the returning character above 1st Rebirth Level 80 who did not log in game from Aug. 1st, 2021 to Feb. 28th, 2022, we will send a grand gift box to the new character created under the same account in the new server.
Note: You need to get this box in New Server Reservation.
Exclusive Returning Box content:
Optional Accessory Box
Choose a 30-day bound weapon accessory from 1-handed/2-handed Lingering Blossoms (Forever), Dream of Seahorse, Desert Flame, Mew Mew Shield (Charm), Rattle Drum, Fancy Pinwheel, and Glory Flag.
60-day Annual Returning Box
Open it up to 4 times, once a week, getting a bag of 600 CPs (B), 20 Class Awakening Boxes, a Lucky Return Wheel (B), and a pair of 7-day wings like Lasting Love each time.
Use it as a permit to enter the Dark Cave and defeat Dinomonster and Dinoking to gain treasures. Expires after 23:59, Apr. 4th.
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