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New Server WorldPeace_EU - Prestige Rank


Duration: Mar. 8th to Apr. 4th

Server: WorldPeace_EU Only

NPC: Lilis at Twin City

During the event, you can claim different rewards from NPC Lilis when your prestige score reaches certain amount in new server WorldPeace_EU. You can check out your points and claim the rewards on an event page at Lilis.
Prestige Score
250,000 Pts
100KK Contribution Medal (5-day)
300,000 Pts
1 Big Permanent Stone (B)
350,000 Pts
1 +8 Stone (B)
400,000 Pts
20,000 CPs (B)
480,000 Pts
2 L4 Mythsoul Pack
600,000 Pts
1 Rare Random Yellow Rune Pack (B)
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