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Sail for Greatness! New Expansion Wave Chaser Unveiled on Jul. 12th!

Date: 2022-07-12 11:13 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

The new expansion Wave Chaser has been Unveiled on Jul. 12th. The Pirate class will  have new Awakening Quest, Airpower,  Super Nut Skills and more! 

For more information, please visit the Wave Chaser Expansion Page. You can also get the information from the links below.


Q: Heroes need Airpower Practice EXP to upgrade Airpower level and Sail, how to get Airpower Practice EXP?


A: Consume Zests to get Airpower Practice EXP.

   The ways to get Zests:

   1.Get Zests as reward from Bounty Hall.

   2.Purchase Zests from CP Shopping Mall directly.

   3.You can get Zests from various events, please pay attention. 

Bounty Hall:

Q: What's the effect of skill Dark?

A: Collecting Nut Runes, Super Nuts and improving Airpower points will increase your total score on the Nut Book Rankings. The top 1 on the Overall Rankings will receive the exclusive skill, Dark (L4), while the top 1 on the Weekly Rankings will receive Dark (L2).

Dark: Dealing damage has a chance to remove buffs on the enemy. When you`re hit, there is a chance to remove debuffs on you.
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