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Ninja Privilege Month on 04/21-05/21

Date: 2020-04-21 00:53 Source: Official Views:


FlyingSaru (Twin City 326,437)

To celebrate the release of Inspired Ninjas, all Ninjas can have exclusive privileges for a month.

Privilege in PK Tournaments

1. Extra Rewards for Ninjas in Class PK War
Besides the normal rewards, the Ninjas champions in Class PK War will also be rewarded with 5% of EXP, 30,000 Potency Points and 30,000 Chi Points.

2. Extra Reward for Skill Team PK Tournament and Team PK Tournament
If your team leader is a Ninja and your team is the champion of Team PK Tournament or Skill Team PK Tournament, your leader can claim 5 prize packs from the in-game mailbox and share them to your team members. Each pack contains 10,000 Chi Points(B), 6,000 Potency Points(B) and a DB Scroll(B).

3. Extra Rewards for Elite PK Tournaments
Ninjas can gain extra rewards for winning Elite PK Tournaments, such as Rare Randow Yellow Rune Pack(B), Tailed Beast Food and so on.

4. Ninja Equipment Sales
FlyingSaru (Twin City 326,437) is selling all kinds of Ninja equipment at very favorable prices.

During the event, you can get Ninja Stones by signing in every day, killing monsters and completing daily quests. Melt it to randomly get +5 Stones (B)/Radiant Star Stones/Yellow Runes (B)/Moon Fruits/etc.

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