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Inspired Trojans: First Look at New Skills from Weapon Archives

Date: 2019-06-17 04:33 Source: Official Views:
Besides old skills upgrade, there are also brand new skill from Weapon Archives in the new expansion, let's take a look. 
Dagger-based Skill – [Death’s Sigh]
[Death’s Sigh] is a new skill for dagger in melee combat. The dazzling light it emits will cause multiple damage on enemy within seconds. When casting the skill in a melee attack, you will also gain extra attack power.
Whip-based Skill – [Hawk’s Ambition]
As its name implies, [Hawk’s Ambition] for Trojan equipping a whip can deal powerful damage on the targets within a certain range.
Hook-based Skill – [Hook Moon]
[Hook Moon] attack targets in a straight line within a certain range. It features faster casting and fearsome attack that no enemy can escape.
Note: The content mentioned above are only for reference.

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