2nd Texas Hold'em Poker Tourney Eyes New Beginning, Apr. 11th!

Date: 2015-04-09 01:55 Source: Official Views:

After the 1st Texas Hold'em Poker tournament ended, many talented poker players have been wondering when there'll be another tournament. Now, the wait is officially over as the CO team is set to host the 2nd Texas Hold'em Poker tournament, starting Apr. 11th!

Unlike the 1st tournament, the 2nd Texas Hold'em Poker tournament offers up several changes. The Audition round has been removed from the tourney, so heroes can just sign up for the tournament and compete in the Preliminary Round for a spot in the Semifinals. All who advance from the Preliminary Round will be rewarded with 50 million Silver as a prize!

Here's the complete timetable for the 2nd tournament.

Stage Date Note
Signup April 11th to 25th All players sign up for the tournament by paying 5 million Silver to a designated NPC in Twin City.
Preliminary Round April 28th All player who advance from this round to the Semifinals will be rewarded with 50 million Silver.
Semifinals April 30th -
Finals May 5th -

Of course, the top 3 winners of the Finals will win cash prizes! Here's what the top 3 winners will get.

Rank Reward
1 $4,000 USD
2 $2,000 USD
3 $1,000 USD

Will you be one of the winners for the 2nd Texas Hold'em Poker tournament and take home the CA$H prize? We're right here waiting to find out!

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