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Quest - Moon Gem

Hard: (level 60-80)
Peace Jade | Save the Villagers | Stone Spirit | Moon Spring
Moon Gem | Moon Box

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The quest for a moon gem is long, arduous and difficult. In order to complete this quest, you must embark on a long journey, talk to a host of NPCs, kill some monsters and in the end, get one gem.

Moon Gem
Requirement: Level 70+
NPCs: Mr. Pine (Stone Village of the desert 454,242), Richman Zhang (Desert City 520,620), Gossiper Wang (Bird Island 744,517), Roger (Bird Island 698,595), Rachel (deepest island of Bird Island 209,183), William (Phoenix Castle 211,195), Tough Wei (outside Ancient Castle 66,354), Old General (Ape Mountain 535,533), Emily (outside Ape Mountain 565,730/455,460/54,333/600,500)
Rewards: A Refined Moon Gem
Note: You need to travel to and from many locations in this quest. There are 13 quest locations, requiring you to change maps over 20 times. If you don't like to travel, you’d better not take this quest.


1a. Mr. Pine needs a Refined Bone Bracelet. If you help him to get one, he will tell you some clues of how to get a Moon Gem (which are also randomly dropped by many creatures).
1b. Richman Zhang has a Refined Bone Bracelet, and he will exchange it with you for 3 Emeralds and 4 gold ores of rate 3 at least. The bracelet will be useful later on in this quest.
1c. Give the Refined Bone Bracelet to Mr. Pine, and he will recommend you to visit Gossiper Wang for more information.
1d. Gossiper Wang tells you that Roger knows more details. But he is obsessed by a girl and can hardly fall asleep. He gives you his sister's handkerchief that shows where to find the Balsamine, the herb to cure insomnia.
1e. Go to Phoenix Castle and kill the Lonely Tyrant. He is the leader of the Bandits. He will drop some Balsamine when killed.
1f. Here are two choices to take from here:
2a. If you lose the handkerchief, Roger will ask you to give the Balsamine to Rachel. Rachel will purchase the Balsamine from you at 2000 silvers.
2b. If you still have the handkerchief, give the Balsamine together with the handkerchief to Roger, and he will ask you to obtain a Moon Letter first.
3a. Ghost in the desert may drop an Unidentified Letter. However, you must ask William to distinguish the authenticity of the letter.
3b. If it is a fake letter after detecting, you can sell it to Tough Wei for 40,000 silvers. If it turns out to be a Secret Letter, Roger needs the Glitter Powder to distinguish the words in the letter.
3c. Where to find Glitter Powder? Stone Monsters in every Mine Cave may drop a Brilliant Stone. The higher the level of the monster, the more chance it has of dropping a Brilliant Stone. Alchemist in Phoenix Castle is able to grind the Brilliant Stones into the Glitter Powder at 800 silvers. He will also buy the Brilliant Stone for 2,000 silvers if you agree.
3d. Take both Glitter Powder and Secret Letter to William. He will give you a Moon Letter and recommend you to visit the Old General in Ape Mountain.
3e. Old General gives you an Aid Token and asks you to defeat Emily, the snake monster. Emily appears outside Ape Mountain from 11:00pm to 01:00am. But she often moves to different locations (565,730/455,460/54,333/600,500) randomly.
3f. After you find her, for some reason, you don't want to kill her anymore. Resist her temptation and she will send you to her cave, where you should kill hundreds of monsters to hunt for Python and get a Python's heart.
3g. Finally, take the Python's heart and Aid Token to Old General, and he will give a Refined Moon Gem in return.
3h. The Moon Gem will grant you with extra spell experience if you socket it in your equipment.

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