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Quest - Moon Spring

Hard: (level 60-80)
 Moon Spring | Moon Box

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There is a stone village outside Desert City where the water is as valuable as gold. Now, the only water resource, Moon Spring, is occupied by the Stone Bandits. The Village Head is willing to be reasonable and he hope someone will help him to solve the problem.

Moon Spring
Requirement: Level 70+
NPCs: Village Head (outside Desert City 479,261), Stone Bandit (outside Desert City 324,456)
Rewards: 5,000 silvers

i. Talk to the Village Head, he will tell you his troubles about the Stone Bandits. He'll give you a letter to threaten the bandits to back down.
ii. Take the letter and deliver it to the Stone Bandit. He refuses to leave the well, unless you can defeat his army single-handed and retrieve the Broken Sword, which has some sort of special significance to the Stone Bandits.
iii. Slay Stone Bandits outside Desert City until one of them drops the special Broken Sword.
iv. After you get the sword, the Rock Bandit will give you a guarantee to withdraw from the well.
v. To express their appreciation, the Village Head will give you 5,000 silver in return. Also, you can decline the reward with thanks.

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