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New Server WaveChaser - New Server 7-day Payment Pack

 Pirate Revel

Duration: Jul. 12th to Jul. 18th

Server: WaveChaser Only
In the new server, you’ll find a 7-day Payment Pack in your inventory. The pack can be opened once a day, up to 7 times. You’ll need to pay 9/19/29 CPs to open it each time.
Check out the rewards in the pack:
Opening Times Rewards Extra Rewards Price to Open (CP)
1st Time 5 Meteor Scrolls (B) Free Training Pill(B)*100 9
2nd Time 5 Dragon Balls (B) SeniorTrainingPill (B)*100 9
3rd Time 5 Super Dragon Gems (B)  2KK Silvers 19
4th Time 10000 Study Points Free Training Pill(B)*200  19
5th Time 10000 Chi Points SeniorTrainingPill (B)*200 29
6th Time 5 +4 Stones (B)  3KK Silvers 29
7th Time 100 Universal Rune Essence (B) Free Training Pill(B)*200 29
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