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New Server VassalsRise - Prestige Rank

Lucky Spin 30-day Chi Growth Pack 
Grand Sale  

Duration: Jan. 10th to Feb. 8th

Server: VassalsRise Only

Note: View event page by clicking "Event Page" button in game.
During the event, you can claim different rewards from Event Page when your prestige score reaches certain amount in the new server. You can check out your points and claim the rewards on Event Page.
Prestige Score
Rewards (Open for Free)
250000 Pts
100KK Contribution Medal (5-day)
300000 Pts
1 Big Permanent Stone (B)
350000 Pts
1 +8 Stone (B)
400000 Pts
30000 CPs (B)
480000 Pts
Grand Awakening Selection Box
600000 Pts
1 Holly Blue Wings (B)
CO Poker Club