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New Server Fieryheart - Quell Demons

Note: The Infernix Trophy heroes can compose is 45-day, please plan accordingly.

Duration: Aug. 15th to Sep. 13th

Server: Fieryheart Only

Requirement: Level 80
NPC: Taoist Prime in Twin City
Click Highlight Events button - Quell Demons to open the event interface.
Note: PK is available in the event map, the character will drop silver and items when killed. PK failure deducts 30% of your Silver. Remote warehouse, flying and Evocation are unavailable in the quest map, please plan accordingly.
During the event, heroes can hunt Bosses and monsters for precious rewards. Click Challenge button in Quell Demons interface to start hunting. There are different demons, you can check out the time that the demons will appear in the Quell Demons interface.
Event Rules:
1. At a specific time each day, the demon bosses will lead their elites to invade the Infernix Ruins.
2. After defeating the Highest Ruler, heroes will be ranked based on the damage they deal, with higher ranks receiving more rewards and the chance to obtain Infernix Crystals for composing the 45-day Infernix Trophy.
3. The demon bosses will also drop a large number of treasures when defeated. Heroes who land the last hit on Elite Demons will receive additional rewards.
4. Within the first month of the server opening, after defeating 50,000 demons each week, the Devourer will appear, carrying more treasures!
Infernix Trophy Rules:
1. During the Quell Demons event, collect 200 Infernix Crystals to compose a 45-day Infernix Trophy.
2. Each server may have up to one Infernix Trophy composed. Once a hero composes an Infernix Trophy, other heroes lose the chance to forge one anymore.
3. The Highest Ruler may drop an Infernix Trophy when defeated, while the Devourer will certainly drop an Infernix Trophy when defeated.
4. You can also exchange Infernix Crystals for other rewards.
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