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November Events Preview -Thanksgiving

Date: Nov 03 2009 23:06:37 Source: Official Views:

After the crazy Halloween, we have entered the end of the Fall season and Thanksgiving! Since it was released in 2003, Conquer Online has been blessed with a talented player community who helps the designers to make the game become an epic MMO. So during this month, the CO team will present our loyal players a string of fantastic events and exciting new features, to express our appreciation for your long-term support!

Pumpkin Smash
Trick or treat! Numerous Pumpkins await you to smash, what you should do is just to swap your online time for the countless chances. Let`s do it!

Martial Arsenal
The brand-new Martial Arsenal System will be released to update the current Guild System on Nov 4. With this new system, players can register their high ranking gear to upgrade the guild's Martial Arsenals and share bonus Battle Power amongst their guildmates.

Along with the Martial Arsenal, the Conquer Arena and Couples PK Tournament will be launched, in which you can engage in a gladiatorial duel anytime, or challenge other couples with your beloved to show off the power of your love!

Classic CO
For CO's veterans who are missing the good old days, Classic CO will be launched on November 18th, to bring back the original taste of Conquer Online. Based on the community's suggestions, Classic CO will be run with the updated 2.0 style of graphics and features, but with certain functions removed, to try and return the game to its roots. The most critical change is that there will be no Shopping Mall or Battle Power System in the new Classic CO.

Initially, 2 Classic CO servers will be opened, hosted in America and Europe. We will consider opening more servers as more community feedback gets evaluated.

Weekend Events
For the first 3 weekends of November, the popular Carnival will return to Twin City! Again, you will be able to join in the fantastic Carnival parties with your friends, and win amazing prizes!

Thanksgiving Quests
During the Thanksgiving Quests, you can join in the hunting of turkeys and make delicious roast turkey for the folks in Twin City, or you can just stay in town and take part in the quiz to win Thanksgiving Coins. There will also be a Candle Parade in Twin City. Meanwhile, sneaky thieves are being lured in by the Thanksgiving celebration. Brave players, it is your responsibility to prevent them from sabotaging this gallant festival!

Thanksgiving Shopping Rush
Around Thanksgiving Day, the Shopping Rush will start again. This time, you will be able to purchase some essential supplements for your adventures from a large selection of epic items! From powerful professional packages, to rare Sash, and even the classic GM Robe!

Below is CO's November online events schedule. Apart from the events listed here, there will also be various offline events in which you can share your talents with the community and win some special gifts.

Be sure to join in the Spectacular Thanksgiving Feast in Conquer Online!




Do the Pumpkin Smash in CO! Oct 31 to Dec 1


Martial Arsenal & CO Arena & Couples PK Tournament

Nov 4

Carnival Cake Baking & 2-Day Double Exp Nov 7 to Nov 8
Joy Coin Nov 14 to Nov 15
Classic CO Nov 18
Carnival Mark Nov 21 to Nov 22
2009 Thanksgiving Shopping Rush Around Nov 26
2009 Thanksgiving Event Nov 26 to Dec 1