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OAPC: Last 5 Days to Upload Your Pictures

Date: Aug 21 2008 23:51:44 Source: Official Views:

OAPC Event Reminder:

When:  Aug 8th - Aug 31st (last day for pictures uploading is Aug. 26th)
Where: OAPC Event Page
Prize: "Most Popular", "Most Humorous", "Most Creative"
All three rewards will have 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize.
1st prize: Whole set of Olympic2008 Mascot Dolls (5 in total) + 8 Scratch Cards (2DBs)
2nd prize: One Olympic2008 Mascot Doll + 5 Scratch Cards (2DBs)
3rd prize: 3 Codes (2DBs)

Also Join Olympic Dragon Ball Lucky Draw to try your luck and win 2 DBs/day easily!

Here are some creative pictures from our players to share with you:

1. Beach Vollyball (click to zoom in)   

2. Football (click to zoom in) 

3. Diving (click to zoom in) 

4. Boxing (click to zoom in)