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Update 4: Olympic Athlete Pose Competition

Date: Aug 20 2008 03:12:51 Source: Official Views:

Since the opening ceremony of Olympic Games on 8th August, we have received more than 460 pictures from our players. And we hope to recommend some pictures which are creative to share with you. You can also visit our OAPC Page to enjoy this event. You can get aware to Olympic Metals Standings on our OAPC Page and also leave your wishes to Olympic and Conquer. There is 7 days left to finish this Olympic Athlete Pose Competition and In-Game Olympic Quest.

Hurry Up! Upload your pictures! Join the In-Game Quest! Win the Mascot Dolls and DBs! Join Dragon Ball Lucky Draw to try your luck and win DBs easily!

You can also upload your picture on our official forum and discuss with others.

Here are some fun and creative pictures from our players to share with you:

1. Running (click to zoom in)

2. Football (click to zoom in)

3. Table Tennis (click to zoom in)

4. Boxing (click to zoom in)