9 Year Anniversary - A Year in the Making

In-game Events

9 Year Anniversary Events

Duration: May 15th - May 31st(PDT)

There will be special events, including Naughty Bunny, Crazy Invasion, Grand Stage, Fight for the Peace and Crazy Lotto.

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Battle for Your Server, Earn Glory for Yourself!

On June 5th, there will be 20 Honorary Deputies selected from the winning guilds of last week's CTF battle. These brave souls will enter the battlefield to fight for fabulous prizes and the honor of their guilds!

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Special Discounts for the 9 Year Anniversary!

From May 10th to May 31st, all players will receive a huge discount on all offers in the Shopping Mall – Promotions! And from May 26th to May 27th, there'll be a 4-hour long Special Discount Event, which will offer you the lowest discounts for +3 Stones, Permanent Stones and more!

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9th Anniversary Nurture Pack!

Duration: May 10th - June 13rd (PDT)

All newcomers will receive a new Nurture Pack, which contains Heaven Blessing Scraps, 5x EXP Ball Scraps, and more! The complete list can be viewed here!

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9 Years Events Prizes Upgrade

Coming in June...

A major upgrade to the rewards for almost each event is set to occur during the anniversary celebration! You can check out what prizes have been upgraded, here!

Off-game Events

VIP Special – Living the High Life II!

Duration: 0:00 May 15th - 24:00 June 30th(PDT)

Each VIP player can claim a prize by upgrading or renewing their VIP status, and each downgraded VIP player can claim prizes by upgrading their VIP status, as well! The new requirements can be viewed here. But there's more! All VIP players will have a chance to join the drawing for the free trip to China, happening this year! The more you credit, the more chances you will have!

9 Year Anniversary Veterans Bonus

Duration: Updated on 0:00 May 23rd (PDT)

All veterans whose last login date is before February 1st, 2012 and who credits at least one $29.99, two $15.99, or four $7.99 TQ Point Cards during the event will be able to claim an extra 120 CPs! Each account can only claim it up to five times, per day. All veterans will have a chance to claim the special packs that have been exclusively prepared for you! What's more, once you participate in the event, you'll have a chance to join this year's free trip to China! For more information, check it out here!

9 Year Anniversary CP Giveaway!

From May 15th - June 15th, all players who have been registered with Conquer Online for more than 1 year will be able to claim at least 100 Bound CPs from the event page!

First Time Creditors to Earn Rewards!

From May 15th to June 15th, if you haven't credited any points to your account for at least 3 months, you'll earn an extra chance to win splendid prizes, just by crediting TQ points to your account!

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The Adventure in the East – A Free Trip to China

Duration: 0:00 May 15th - 24:00 June 30th (PDT)

From 0:00 May 15th to 24:00 June 30th (PDT) , all players above Level 50 can sign up for this event by crediting at least one $15.99 USD TQ Point Card or one $29.99 USD TQ Point Card. Once you're entered, you will have a shot at winning this exciting trip to the Far East! Returning veterans will also get a chance to try their luck in this event! If the veteran is called back to the game through the Hunt Down Heroes event, the player who called back the veteran will also earn their very own spot on the trip!

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