9 Year Anniversary In-game Events - Naughty Bunny

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Duration: May 15th - May 31st

Requirement: Level 40 or above

NPC: Betty Bunny (Twin City 427, 366)


Naughty Bunny Celebration Bag - Prepared for anniversary celebration. Right click to open and receive 2 precious gifts. Item you may get for the first gift: 3 Refinery Sacks, 5 Life Fruits, 3 Dragon Pill Fragments, 3 EXP Ball Scraps, 3 Praying Stone Scraps, 3 Weapon Accessory Coupons, Phase 3/4/6 Dragon Soul. Item you may get for the second gift: 1 House Permit, 1 Exp Pill, 1 Endurance Book, 1 Meteor Tear, 1 Ninja Amulet, 1 Moon Box(no sockets), 1 Bomb, 1 Class5 Money Bag, 1 Lucky Amulet, 1 Exp Ball, 1 Quest Chance B, 1 Penitence Amulet (cannot be traded for CPs)
Others Some lucky players may receive 1 Lottery after completing Bunny's quest.

Quest Item

Naughty Bunny Timber - This smooth timber is a good material to make a garden`s fence.
Naughty Bunny Flower Seed - This fine flower`s seed is what Betty Bunny asked you to collect.
Naughty Bunny Azure Ball - With this mysterious ball, you`re able to correct 1 Dewdrop per minute. It lasts for 30 minutes.
Naughty Bunny Dewdrop - Use this Dewdrop on a Flower Seed to make it sprout and bloom.
Naughty Bunny PlumWine - A good wine used to make fish drunk, then you can catch fish easier. Right click to use around the lake in Wind Plain.
Naughty Bunny Carp - This attractive Carp is what Betty Bunny asked you to catch.


1. Talk to Betty Bunny (Twin City 427, 366) to help solver her problems.

2. Take a bottle of Plum Wine from Betty Bunny and then use it round the lake in Wind Plain to catch Carps.

Naughty Bunny

3. Give Betty Bunny a Carp and then she will give a Celebration Bag as reward. If you like, you can catch some more Carps for her and she will reward you some experience.

4. In addition to catching Carps, Betty Bunny may offer you two other quests: collecting Timber and taking the Flower Seeds back. As long as you finish her quest, you can receive a Celebration Bag.

Note: Betty Bunny may offer you different quests, but only one quest in a day.

  • Weekly Credit Rebate and Prizes
  • Banquet of CPs(B)
  • Golden Finger
  • Kingdomwar
  • August
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