9 Year Anniversary In-game Events - Crazy Lotto

As time flies by, Conquer Online prepares to enter its 9th year of adventure! To celebrate CO's 9th anniversary, the TQ team has prepared a string of fun events and quests, as well as great gifts for you all to collect! Starting on May 15th, you can participate in these fun events and celebrate with other players from all over the world!

Crazy Lotto | Fight for Peace | Naughty Bunny | Crazy Invasion | Grand Stage

Duration: May 15th - May 31st

Requirement: Level 40 or above

NPC: Lotto Officer (Twin City 437, 332), Lotto Chest (Wind Plain 563,523)


Crazy Lotto Lucky Pack - Open to receive a random gift. You can open up to 5 packs in a day. Item you may get for a gift: 9 Orchids, 1 Diligence Book (B), 3 Small PrayingStone Scraps, 1 Horse Racing Points Pack, 1 Weapon Accessory Box (7 days, B), 1 Steed (B), 1 Memory Agate (B).
Crazy Lotto Celebration Bag - Prepared for the anniversary celebration. Right click to open and receive 2 gifts. Item you may get for the first gift: 3 Refinery Sacks , 5 Life Fruits, 3 Dragon Pill Fragments, 3 EXP Ball Scraps, 3 Praying Stone Scraps, 3 Weapon Accessory Coupons, Phase 3/4/6 Dragon Soul. Item you may get for the second gift: 1 House Permit, 1 Exp Pill, 1 Endurance Book, 1 Meteor Tear, 1 Ninja Amulet, 1 Moon Box(no sockets), 1 Bomb, 1 Class5 Money Bag, 1 Lucky Amulet, 1 Exp Ball, 1 Quest Chance B, 1 Penitence Amulet (cannot be traded for CPs).
Others 5,000 - 5,000,000 Silver and maybe even a Dragon Ball for the lotto winners.

Quest Item

Crazy Lotto - Crazy Lotto Card No. 0 – 9 - A card with numbers 0-9 written on them. Bring them to the Lotto Chest (563,523) in Wind Plain to sign up for the Crazy Lotto.


1. Talk to the Lotto Officer (Twin City 437, 332) to learn more about the event.

Crazy Lotto

2. Go to Wind Plain to kill Chest Demons, which will appear near (715, 683), (832, 538) and (616, 281) every 2 hours from 01:00 to 23:00. After killing these Chest Demons, you may find Lucky Packs, which contain precious items. You will also get a Lotto Card from the Chest Demons.

Crazy Lotto

3. Each Lotto Card has a number written on it, from 0 to 9. After you get some cards, bring them to the Lotto Chest and register 3 numbers. You can change your registered number any time before 21:00.

Crazy Lotto

4. The result of the Lotto Card drawing will be announced at 21:00, everyday. If you match 1 number - 5,000 Silver, 2 numbers - 50,000 Silver, and 3 numbers - 5,000,000 Silver. In addition to Silver, every player can claim a special Celebration Bag.

Crazy Lotto

1. You can open up to 5 Luck Packs in a day.
2. You must claim your prize within 24 hours after the results are announced.

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