9 Year Anniversary In-game Events - Crazy Invasion

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Duration: May 15th - May 31st

Requirement: Level 40 or above

NPC: Captain Tobby (Twin City 449, 367)


Crazy Invasion Joy Pack - Open to receive a random gift. You can open up to 5 packs in a day. Item you may get for a gift: 9 Orchids, 1 Diligence Book (B), 3 Small PrayingStone Scraps, 1 Horse Racing Points Pack, 1 Weapon Accessory Box (7 days, B), 1 Steed (B), 1 Memory Agate (B).
Crazy Invasion Celebration Bag - Prepared for anniversary celebration. Right click to open and receive 2 precious gifts. Item you may get for the first gift: 3 Refinery Sacks, 5 Life Fruits, 3 Dragon Pill Fragments, 3 EXP Ball Scraps, 3 Praying Stone Scraps, 3 Weapon Accessory Coupons, Phase 3/4/6 Dragon Soul. Item you may get for the second gift: 1 House Permit, 1 Exp Pill, 1 Endurance Book, 1 Meteor Tear, 1 Ninja Amulet, 1 Moon Box(no sockets), 1 Bomb, 1 Class5 Money Bag, 1 Lucky Amulet, 1 Exp Ball, 1 Quest Chance B, 1 Penitence Amulet (cannot be traded for CPs).
Others 1 hour of Double EXP for all players and 1 +3 Stone for some lucky players if the invading monsters are all eliminated.


1. A flock of monsters are planning to attack Twin City though (720, 790) at the top of every hour during the whole celebration. You have to stop them. First, talk to Captain Tobby (Twin City 449, 367) to learn about this quest.

Crazy Invasion

2. Go to kill the TC invading monsters in Wind Plain (720, 790). You can get a Joy Pack after you finish polishing each monster. If you knock down 5 invading monsters in a row, you'll get a Celebration Bag. Besides, Captain Tobby will give all heroes 1 hour of double EXP if all the invading monsters are eliminated.

Crazy Invasion

1. You can open 5 Joy Packs at most a day.
2. You may receive up to 5 Celebration Bags every day.

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