9 Year Anniversary Cross-server CTF

As we are going to embark on a new month, our celebration will also reach its apex! On June 5th, the exciting Cross-server CTF will officially begin. In this grand battle, every leading guild from each server will be fighting for the ultimate honor – the title of Strongest Guild in CO! Every guild dreams of receiving this honor, but only the guild with the most ambition and power can achieve it!

The 9th anniversary cross-server CTF will be the biggest cross-server battle ever. Elites from more than 60 servers will get together, competing for one goal. If you want to win, upgrade your equipment and get fully prepared for the upcoming battle!

Cross-server CTF Time: 20:30-21:30, June 12th PDT or 04:30-05:30, June 13th (Euro server time)Requirement:the #1 guild in each server’s Capture the Flag Contest on June 2nd. Guild members should be Honorary Supervisor or higher. Only 20 participants for each guild will be allowed to compete. Participants should sign up first.


  • How to Participate:

    Players who are eligible for the 9th Anniversary Cross-server CTF should sign up for this event first. You can talk to CS-CTF Manager (Twin City 350, 340) to sign up for this event during 1:30 June 7th – 23:59 June 8th PDT, or 9:30 June 7th – 23:59 June 8th (Euro server time). Only after you successfully sign up can you participate in this event on June 12th. So, leaders of CTF contest winning guilds, please ask your members to sign up for the 9th Anniversary Cross-server CTF in time.

  • CTF Arena

    The rule for CS CTF Arena is just the same as before:
    When the battle begins, you can find 3 unoccupied flag bases and some flags scattered throughout the map. Guild members can attack the flags in these bases to take control of the flag base. Once occupied, there will be a yellow marker showing on the mini map.
    There are also some flags scattered around the arena. Seize a flag, then carry and plant it in the flag base your guild occupies within 60 seconds to gain points for your guild. Once you've seized a flag, your guild will gain 1 point. You can jump, ride a horse, or use your speed skills in order to return to the flag base. Remember to avoid the members of the opposing guilds and find protection among your guild members! Once you are killed by members of an opposing guild, you will lose the flag you are carrying! If you are killed in the contest, you can revive in the Arena. Blessed players will be unable to revive where they are killed.

    When you take the flag to your guild's flag base, the flag will automatically be captured. You will earn some exploits for the capture, and your guild will earn some points. You can gain Exploits and Points through either picking up the Flag or escorting it to a flag base, but capturing a flag will net you much more Exploits and Points. When the contest is over, the top 8 guilds will be listed, according to their point totals.
    During the contest, you can gain Exploits by slaying enemy guild members, buffing your own guild members, and reviving fallen allies. For the Water Taoist, the Exploits will be lower for reviving a member. You will receive more Points by killing a flag carrier. In addition, you will receive 2 Exploits for removing a Soul Shackled ally. If you want to know the current battle situation, you can check the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest interface.

    When the contest begins, a random base will be granted a Double Points bonus. If you plant flags in that base, your guild will receive double the points and all living members around the flag base will receive double Exploits. The bonus will randomly transfer to another flag base every 15 minutes, until the contest is over.
    During the Cross-server Capture the Flag Contest, some potions and medicine will randomly appear in the arena. Make good use of these items, as they will be a big help in your battle! If you are killed, those potions will drop, so you should remember to use them while you can!

  • Rewards

    Since it is the 9th Anniversary, the rewards are far from normal! In addition to CPs, we have also prepared some unique items for the winners. Let’s take a look at what reward the top 8 guilds will receive!




    Holy Armor (7 days) for guild leader - provide 800 Defense and +4% Magic Defense.

    Guild Leader Armor for CS CTF

    20 newly-designed Garments

    15,000 CPs



    Warrior Armor (7 days) for guild leader - provide 600 Defense and +3% Magic Defense.

    Guild Leader Armor for CS CTF

    12,000 CPs



    Fighter Armor (7 days) for guild leader - provide 400 Defense and +2% Magic Defense.

    Guild Leader Armor for CS CTF

    10,000 CPs



    8,000 CPs


    6,000 CPs


    4,000 CPs


    3,000 CPs


    2,000 CPs


    The No.1 guild will receive a special honor. A future CO server will be named after their guild (name should be appropriate)!!!

Note: The result of the cross-server battle will be announced on the official site, and the reward will be sent to the guild leaders. After receiving the reward, the guild leaders shall distribute it to their members.

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