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Past of the Ninja was Revealed on 4/07-4/28

Date: 2020-04-07 00:42 Source: Official Views:
Key Item
Name: Mulberry Wine
Introduction: Give the Mulberry Wine to Kosuke, then he will tell you the bygones of Ninja. 
Location:Twin City(355,467)
Location:Twin City(355,463)
Mount Armor Big Toad
Ninja Bygones
1. During the event, heroes can log in to get 1 Mulberry Wine every day, and up to 3.  Heroes can take the Mulberry Wine to Twin City(355,467)to find Kosuke to know the ninja's past. 
2. Kosuke is a powerful Ninja. Heroes can give him Mulberry Wine and enter the Dream World to know his past. There are 3 bygones. Every time when the heroes know one of the stories, you will receive the reward from Kosuke.
3.  After the heroes learned all the past of the ninja, Kosuke will reward you with Colorful Shell and Summoning Scroll. Collect 1 Summoning Scroll and 100 Colorful Shell, heroes can exchange the permanent Mount Armor Big Toad!
Toad's Annoyance
1.  After the heroes have completed at least 1 quest of Ninja Bygones, you can go to Twin City(355,463) to find ToadRod to help him solve his troubles.
2. Heroes can help ToadRod five times a day, and ToadRod will thank you with a Colorful Shell. 
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