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Bring Back Veteran Heroes and Share Multiple Benefits from Jan. 25th to Feb. 21st

Date: 2024-01-25 00:00 Source: Official Views:
Attention, heroes!
The Glory Hero Return event will be from Jan. 23rd to Feb. 19th. Current heroes can invite veteran heroes back to game to share CPs (B) and win extra rewards. We have prepared a new Return Fest for returning heroes in game. Please check out the details below.
Standard of the returning hero for offline page event: The characters above 2nd Rebirth Level 120 who haven't logged in game since Oct. 1st, 2023.
Note: The event is not availalbe in server Chimera and TwinCity. Only one character under the same account can take part in the event, please plan accordingly.
In-game Events:
In the ever-changing martial world, the heroic spirit remains unchanged! The grand Return Fest is available! You`re invited to come back and challenge the Lost Valley with your old friends! There are numerous privileges and exciting benefits, eagerly awaiting the return of heroes!
Duration: Jan. 25th to Feb. 21st  
Requirement for in-game events: The characters above 2nd Rebirth Level 80 who haven't logged in game for 30 days.
NPC: Ryder in Twin City.
Click Highlight Events - Return Fest button to enter the event interface.
Returner Sign-in
Sign in daily to get up to 7 gifts after returning to CO. Heroes can get 7-dat Beast Flute and permanent garment or mount armor from the sign-in gifts.
Returner Promotion
There are time limited sales of precious item every day. Click the Promotion button to learn more details.
Returner Privileges and Exchange Store
Returning heroes will possess an exclusive mark, reliving the glory of the past.
Returning heroes will enjoy doubled daily sign-in rewards and PK rewards. Completing Qualifiers will grant additional rewards.
Returning heroes will receive a blessing buff. They will have 6 layers of luck when they hunt monsters in treasure hunting areas.
Team up and go hunting, the returning hero will receive Original Sachets, while other heroes in the team will receive Heroic Sachets.
Original Sachet: Returners can obtain this sachet. Use it to exchange for various items in the exchange store. It can be obtained by defeating monsters in Deityland and completing daily return tasks.
Heroic Sachet: Assist returners to get this sachet. Use it to exchange for various items in the exchange store. It can be obtained by teaming up with returners to challenge Deityland or returning quests.
Talk to NPC Ryder to open Exchange Store.
Returner Tasks
Complete exclusive Returner Tasks to win corresponding rewards.
Returner Wishes
Open the wishing box to get surprises. You can make wish only after reaching 200 Active Points daily and using the Great Fortune Pack. Make a wish to get a random reward from +1 Rare Yellow Rune (B) Selection Box, 2760 CPs (B), etc. You can make up to 9 wishes during the event.
Returner Challenges
1. Lost Valley is divided into Dash Path, Blaze Path, and Slide Path, each leading to the ancient artifacts Yuan Sword, Pangu Axe, and Shennong Tripod.
2. Pass through the three paths to challenge the guardian spirits guarding the ancient artifacts. Defeat them to obtain rewards.
3. Three team members can choose to travel together or take separate paths.
4. You can obtain the challenge reward once a day.
Offline Page Events:
Duration: Jan. 25th to Feb. 21st
Requirement: 2nd Reborn Level 120
Standard of the returning hero: The characters above 2nd Rebirth Level 120 who haven’t logged in game since Oct. 1st, 2023.
1.Invite Glory Return to Share 10 Million CPs (B)
During the event, heroes can invite veteran heroes back to CO with your unique invitation code. When veteran heroes come back to game, heroes will receive a proportion of the 10 Million CPs (B).
If you bring back VIP6 or VIP7 veteran hero, you will receive 3 more proportions of the share.
2.Returning Account Value Roulette
Once returning heroes meet the requirement in the chart below and log in the game once, you will receive relevant Value Points.
There are 3 kinds of roulettes. Heroes can choose 50 Points Roulette, 300 Points Roulette or 500 Points Roulette to draw.
Account Age
1 - 5 Years
6 - 10 Years
11 - 14 Years
≥15 Years
VIP Status
VIP 1 - 3
VIP 4 - 5
Non-Reborn Level 100 - 140
Level 15 - 140 of 1stRebirth
2ndRebirth or higher
3.Inviter Roulette
Once the inviter gets a qualified returning hero back to the game, he or she can get 1 chance to draw the Inviter Roulette.
Note: 1 inviter can get up to 30 Roulette chances in the event.
4.Free Return Gift
According to the account value, returning heroes can claim the relevant gift box.
Gift Box
Account Value Request
Surprise Returning Box
1 30-day Blissful Forever Heart (B), 1 1000 CPs (B) Pack, 15 Class Awakening Boxes, 1 Lucky Return Wheel.
Deluxe Returning Box
1 60-day Blissful Forever Heart (B), 1 1000 CPs (B) Pack, 30 Class Awakening Boxes, 2 Lucky Return Wheels.
5.Credit Reward
Returning heroes can claim Growth Packs which contain 3 Yellow Rune Fragments (B) and randomly get one from 3*L1 Mythsoul Pack, 2*+4 Stone (B), 3*Bright Star Stone and 3 *Ginseng Fruit for every 100 CPs credited during the event.
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