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Enhance Astredge Weapon for Multiple Rewards from Nov. 14th to Dec. 1st

Date: 2023-11-13 22:00 Source: Official Views:
Greetings, heroes!
The Astredge Sprint event will be from Nov. 14th to Dec. 1st. You can enhance Astredge Weapon to win stage and rankings rewards.
Note: The rankings is not availalbe for server Chimera. The data is not real-time updated. And the rankings count the data from 00:00 Nov. 14th to 23:59 Dec. 1st US server time (08:00 Nov. 14th to 7:59 Dec. 2nd EU server time).
Duration: Nov. 14th to Dec. 1st  
NPC: Ruth in Twin City (326,452)
Requirement: Astredge Glory Token for the offline event
1. Astredge Flame Promo
NPC Ruth sells Flames at favorable prices, you may get a refund if you’re lucky enough.
Enchanting Flame * 1
7 CPs
Enchanting Flame * 10
66 CPs
Enchanting Flame * 100
630 CPs
Spiritual Flame * 1
28 CPs
Spiritual Flame * 10
257 CPs
Spiritual Flame * 80
1,970 CPs
Godly Flame * 1
84 CPs
Godly Flame * 10
756 CPs
Godly Flame * 50
3,570 CPs
Mystic Flame * 1
252 CPs
Mystic Flame * 10
2,217 CPs
Mystic Flame * 30
6,426 CPs
You`ll get a Astredge Glory Token the first time you purchase the items in the Astredge Sprint event. This is the only credential for you to get ranked on the offline rankings. The token expires at 23:59, Dec. 1, 2023.
2. Daily Quest Rewards
Enhance Astredge Weapon every day to get quality rewards! You can claim the rewards at NPC Ruth.
Daily Quest
Use Spiritual Flames to enhance the Astredge Weapon for 5 times.
Enchanting Flame * 1
Use Godly Flames to enhance the Astredge Weapon for 3 times.
Enchanting Flame * 3
Use Mystic Flames to enhance the Astredge Weapon for 3 times
Enchanting Flame * 10
3.  Enhance EXP Stage Reward
The system will record the Astredge Weapon Enhance EXP you get during the event, the points on the page equal to the EXP you get in game.
When your accumulated points reach a certain amount, you can claim corresponding stage reward on the page.
Enhance EXP Points
Enchanting Flame * 3
Enchanting Flame * 5
Enchanting Flame * 9
Spiritual Flame * 4
Spiritual Flame * 8
Spiritual Flame * 12
Godly Flame * 6
Godly Flame * 8
Godly Flame * 12
Mystic Flame * 6
Mystic Flame * 10
Every Extra 100,000 Points after 700,000
Mystic Flame * 2
Godly Flame * 3
Spiritual Flame * 6
Enchanting Flame * 12
4. Enhance EXP Point Rankings
Heroes will be ranked by the Enhance EXP Points they get during the event. By the end of the event, the top 30 heroes across all servers will be nicely rewarded. The publicity period is two days, the ranking rewards will be sent to heroes on Dec. 4th server time, please check your in-game mail then.
Note: You need to get at least 450,000 points to be ranked in top 3 and get the corresponding reward, if the top 3 heroes don't get 450,000 points, they will get the reward of the lower rank (1 rank lower).
Select one unbound -1% blessed garment from Wind & Wave Chaser, Silver Bubble (Sunny), Full Moon (Reunion), Limpid Milky Dream and Starry Billow (Shine).
L5 New Mythsoul Box * 1
Mystic Flame * 30
Select one bound -1% blessed garment from Wind & Wave Chaser(B), Silver Bubble (Sunny)(B), Full Moon (Reunion)(B), Limpid Milky Dream(B) and Starry Billow (Shine)(B).
L4 New Mythsoul Box * 1
Mystic Flame * 20
Select one 200-day bound -1% blessed garment from Wind & Wave Chaser(B), Silver Bubble (Sunny)(B), Full Moon (Reunion)(B), Limpid Milky Dream(B) and Starry Billow (Shine)(B).
L3 New Mythsoul Box * 1
Mystic Flame * 10
Select one 100-day bound -1% blessed garment from Wind & Wave Chaser(B), Silver Bubble (Sunny)(B), Full Moon (Reunion)(B), Limpid Milky Dream(B) and Starry Billow (Shine)(B).
L2 New Mythsoul Box * 2
Godly Flame * 20
Godly Flame * 10
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