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Treasure Shopping Mall Offers Great Discounts on Various Items from May 19th to May 31st

Date: 2023-05-18 20:00 Source: Official Views:

Greetings, heroes!

Anniversary events come one after another! We have prepared special offers in the Treasure Shopping Mall!

High Phase Anima Wheel will be on sale starting from May 19th, and you can enjoy fantastic discounts for various items from May 19th to May 31st. Please check out the details below.


New Item:





High Phase Anima Wheel


Spin it to randomly get 1 gift from 1 P12 Anima/1 P11 Anima/2 P10 Animae/1 P10 Anima and so on.

Long Term


Special Offers

Duration: May 19th to May 31st


Sale Price

Original Price


200KK Silver Bag



It contains 200,000,000 Silver. Right click to open.

Advanced Sigil Box



Open to randomly get Sigils or Essences. The chances of getting advanced Sigils like Bloodline Sigils from it are higher.




A Stone(+8)(B).

1KKK Contribution Seal



Use it to increase your Nobility Contribution by 1,000,000,000 points. Note: The Seal has a existence time of 7 days after being activated, please use it in time.

Rare Rune Box



Open to choose one from 1 Solidness (+1) (B)/1 Enormous Crusher (+1) (B)/1 Nature Shield (+1) (B)/1 Violet Shield (+1) (B)/1 Whetted Blade (+1) (B)/1 Conqueror`s Blade (+1) (B).

L6 Mythsoul Box



Open to choose 1 L6 MythSoul.

Might (+1)(B)



Rare Universal Rune. Passive: If the opponent has Deterrence rune, the chance of triggering your weapon`s passive skill will increase by 1%. (Next Level: 2%)

Rare Rune Optional Box



Open to choose one rare rune from Circle of Life (+1) (B)/Tempered Glaive (+1) (B)/Slow Pace (+1) (B)/Adamant (+1) (B)/Consolidation (+1) (B)/Front Break (+1) (B).

Optional Rare Yellow Rune(B) Pack



Open to choose a Rare Yellow Rune (B).

Sigil Box



Open to randomly get Sigils or Essences.

Big Permanent Stone (B) * 2



2 Bound Big Permanent Stones. A Big Permanent Stone provides 100 Stabilization Points to stabilize Refinery/Purification effect which will become permanent when energy is filled.

Rare Inner Power Book Box



Open to select one from The Essence of Yang (A)/(B)/(C), Divine North Skill (A)/(B)/(C), Violet Glow (A)/(B)/(C), The Essence of Yin (A)/(B)/(C), Superb Manual (A)/(B)/(C) and Pure Yang Concept (A)/(B)/(C).

Super Infinity Gem



Embed it on Taoist`s left-handed weapon to get Final M-Damage dealt +3000, Final P-Damage received -1000 and Final M-Damage received -3000.

Cosmos Hammer * 5



Collect 30 hammers to unlock the 8th Yellow Rune Slot; collect 60 to unlock the 9th Yellow Rune Slot.

Wavebreak (+1)(B)



A rare Rune of Pirates. Equip it to get the skill Wavebreak. Passive: Use it to get Bravery Status. Under Bravery, the cooldown of Pirates` three awakened skills will be decreased by 1s; damage to constructions increases by 100%; damage to bosses increases by 250%; you will be immune to fatal damage once. Lasts for 20s. Cooldown: 105s.




Open to get 10000 CPs (B).



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