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Have Fun in Fishing and Win Multiple Rewards from Mar. 21st to Apr. 3rd

Date: 2023-03-20 10:47 Source: Official Views:
Greetings, heroes!
The Joy of Fishing event will be from Mar. 21st to Apr. 3rd, you can try your luck in fishing and win multiple rewards!
Duration: Mar. 21st to Apr. 3rd
Jiang Ziya at Twin City (321,435)
Key Items:
Azure Bait: Use this nice bait to fish Koi Fishes of Azure Stage. It`ll turn into 100 Chi Points when it expires at 23:59, Apr. 3.
Ground Bait: Use this common bait to fish Koi Fishes of Ground Stage. It`ll turn into 10 Chi Points when it expires at 23:59, Apr. 3.
Fishing Crystal: Use it to exchange for treasures in the Fishing Store. It`ll turn into 1 Chi Point when it expires at 23:59, Apr. 3.
Scale: Koi Fishes will drop scales when they leap out from the Creel. Use them to swap for nice rewards in the Scale Store.
Jiang Ziya is inviting you to join in Joy of Fishing. Using Baits to go fishing, and you may catch Koi Fishes. Koi Fishes are sorted according to the rarity (from high to low): Dragon Koi, Phoenix Koi, Dawn Koi, Silvery Koi, Rainbow Koi, Ruby Koi.
There are Azure Baits and Ground Baits. You can get more Fishing Crystals by fishing with Azure Bait. You can pay some CPs at Jiang Ziya to buy some. Also you can get Ground Baits from Bright Fortune daily quest every day. The price of a single Ground Bait is 8 CPs, if you buy 10 Ground Baits at Jiang Ziya, it will be 73 CPs.
Note: The Koi Fish get with Azure Baits can only be used to exchange for rewards in Azure Items, the Koi Fish get with Ground Baits can only be used to exchange for rewards in Ground Items. Please plan accordingly.
Click Joy of Fishing at NPC or the button to open fishing interface.
Note: You can not get a Koi Fish for sure in each time of fishing.
1. Choose the bait, and then click Cast to start fishing. 1 bait will be consumed each time.
2. Fishing may get you some Koi Fishes. If not, the bait will turn into some Fishing Points.
3.Fishing Points you get out of the pond will turn into Fish Crystal of the same amount, and you can use them to swap for treasures in Fishing Store.
4. Koi Fishes can be used to swap for treasures in Fishpond.
5. Click Creel in Fishpond to view Koi Fishes you’ve caught.
Ranking Points = Fishing Crystals You Get
At the beginning, there are 100,000 Fishing Points in the pond(not the ranking points you get). If you fail to catch a Koi Fish, you may get Scales or certain amount of Fishing Points (27 Points for 1 Ground Bait and 270 Points for 1 Azure Bait) added to the pond. These Points will be added to the total Fishing Points in the pond. And when you catch a Koi Fish successfully, you will get the Fish and the corresponding percentage of total Fish Points.
For example, if you catch a Dragon Koi Fish with Ground Bait, you will get extra 100,000 * 10% = 10,000 Fishing Points. The 10,000 Fishing Points will be deducted from 100,000 Points. There will be 90000 Fishing Points left in the pond.
Fishing Crystals formed by Fishing Points or Koi Fishes you caught can be used to exchange for amazing treasures in Fishing Store or Fishpond.
There are Azure Items, Ground Items and Scale Store available. Use Koi Fishes or Scales to exchange for different treasures. You can get Avatar Frames from Azure Items and Ground Items.
Fishing Store
Use Fishing Crystal to exchange for treasures here.
Ranking Rewards:
You`ll be ranked according to your Fishing Points. Top heroes will receive abundant rewards.
Daily Fishing Rankings
The top 1 hero on Daily Rankings will receive the prize in the mailbox at the end of each day.
Reward: Joy of Fishing Pack
Open to randomly get a 7-day avatar frame from L2 Luck Summoner/L1 Happy Gathering/L1 Breezy Spring/L1 Peachy Scene.
Overall Fishing Rankings
Top 10 heroes in a server can claim their prizes in the mailbox at the end of the event.
Note: You need to get at least 50,000 Points to be ranked in top 10 and get the corresponding rewards. Optional Rare Yellow Rune Box (B) and Random Rare Yellow Rune Pack (B) in this event does not include the new Runes added after April, 2020. Please plan accordingly.
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